Why a blog?

I’ve been writing ‘blog’ posts on Facebook since November 2013 when I went to a wonderful game reserve in South Africa on a four-week photography & volunteering project.  It seems that quite a few of my friends love reading about my adventures, so I thought it was about time that I started a proper blog.  So here it is:)


2 thoughts on “Why a blog?

  1. Hello Julie,
    just by chance I discovered your blog…and I’m really excited about your pictures and your informations…especially concerning Dumela Lodge. I’m going to start my volunteering with African Impact o 13th of Feb.…conservation projects for the big 5…by reading your blog I’m good prepared now. I’m at the end of 50 and I hope that I’ll manage well the hard work (as often mentioned on Facebook).

    Can you give me some tips…is it cold at night in Klaserie Camp/the tents so I have to bring warm clothes?
    Did you made malaria prophylaxis? I’m still thinking about whether yes or no..

    Now I continue reading your blog…so exciting!
    Kind regards


    1. Hi Regina,

      Thank you for your message. I’m sure you will love the project, and don’t worry about the hard work – you will only be expected to do as much as you are able to. Whilst I was working there I had volunteers who were in their 60’s and even 70’s 🙂 Take some old clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty or possibly caught on thorns!

      It can sometimes get cold in Klaserie, so it’s best to take a few layers, and also a waterproof jacket. (It may also be hot at night – it can vary a lot!) There are blankets available at the lodge that you can take out on drives and to Klaserie too.

      I did take malaria tablets because there is a slight risk, but if volunteers have any bad side effects then they often choose to stop taking them. I have found that Malarone has the fewest side effects – I had no problems at all with them. In the UK it’s MUCH cheaper to buy tablets online rather than from the local pharmacy, so do search online.

      Do take a good drinking bottle – mine is insulated so it keeps the water lovely and cold – that’s very welcome when the temperature soars over 35º ! A sunhat and sunscream are essential. You also need tops that cover your shoulders on drives, and when you go into the community you will need to wear something that covers your knees, so take a longer skirt, or long shorts, or trousers.

      Most of all – be prepared for very early mornings, early to bed, possible extreme heat (the swimming pool is lovely!) and to make many new friends 🙂 I’m sure you will have a fantastic time.

      Best wishes,


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